Physical Education:
Building Skills and Character

The Physical Education program at VBS Day School fosters individual growth by teaching students how to live a healthy lifestyle and build important physical and social skills for life. Instruction focuses on the “whole child” through the development of gross and fine motor skills, age appropriate games, cooperation, team work, and problem solving skills. Students are challenged to reach their potential in a safe, nurturing and positive environment by promoting self esteem and encouraging students to take risks without the fear of failure in a supportive atmosphere. 

The VBS Day School Physical Education curriculum features:
  • Physical Education classes twice a week. 
  • Recess twice a day, morning 15 minutes, afternoon recess for 25 minutes. 
  • New indoor gym, outdoor playground and sport court, climbing equipment, and array of high quality sports equipment used for recess and classes. 
  • Instructors who guide students to participate, cooperate and grow.
Afterschool Athletics Program
VBS Day School is a prominent member of the San Fernando Valley Private School League, consisting of 42 private schools in the greater San Fernando Valley area. Students in grades fourth through sixth compete in a variety of sports organized by athletic ability and grade level. Our qualified coaches teach skills and game strategies in a supportive environment that encourages team and individual success. In our program, student athletes of all levels are encouraged to participate as it promotes leadership skills, team building, sportsmanship, personal pride and confidence. VBS Day School distinguishes itself with its unparalleled participation of over 98% since its inception six years ago and numerous championship teams. As a result, the athletic program is an integral part of our school’s culture.

Team sports for boys fourth through sixth grade: 
  • Flag Football 
  • Basketball 
  • Soccer
Team sports for girls fourth through sixth grade:
  • Basketball 
  • Soccer 
  • Volleyball
Jr. Athletics Club
Students in Kindergarten through third grade learn important skills and fun in the afterschool Day School Jr. Athletics Club. Students play a variety of sports in a non-competitive environment promoting skill development, team work, cooperation, fun and excitement. The club is organized and led by our athletic department.
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