Student Life

VBS Day School Experience

Our School Community

Day School students, parents, and faculty are embraced as part of a warm and dynamic community. A spectrum of experiences develop friendships, leadership, character and values. The Community Brit: Rainbow of Respect sets a clear guideline of how our community works together to grow and thrive.

"I know that my best friends for life are ones I made here at VBS Day School." -- 6th Grade Student
"It's a joy seeing our students excel academically, but also caring deeply about making a difference in the world." --Day School General Studies Teacher 
"VBS Day School meets our children where they are. Whether it's accelerated math or reading that requires additional support, VBS Day School has specialists to support our children throughout their time here." --Day School Parent
"The students who come from VBS Day School are among the most prepared." --Chief Enrollment Officer, Viewpoint School