About Us

Interim Head of School

Dear Parents,

I would like to take the opportunity of introducing you to our community of learners at Valley Beth Shalom Day School.  VBSDS is an amazing Jewish school where students are challenged to participate in their own learning journey.  The school has sustained a robust educational performance record for decades enabling us to take a leadership role among independent schools in Los Angeles County.  

Our students tell us how much they value their experiences in school, the friends that they make, and the experiences that have shaped their lives Jewishly, academically and personally.  The students value the relationships they have with their teachers and the small class sizes help them navigate the journey from Kindergarten to sixth grade.

The VBSDS experience is so impactful that it extends past the academic environment, empowering each child with a strong Jewish identity, a personal connection to Israel and a strong social ethos.  

We do this by investing in Challenge Based Learning, teacher training initiatives and engaging in character building school wide.  Our 21st century curricula with integrated classrooms, tiered learning and an emphasis on skills prepare our students to become the inquisitive learners of the global community.  

Beyond our school, our students succeed in top ranking secondary schools in the county and continue on to attend top tiered universities across the country and in the world.  

A special welcome to you and your family as we explore our mission, inspire our children to love the twin canons of Western and Jewish civilizations.  Together, as we deep dive into our shared heritage, we will make this an impactful year.

Dr. Laurence Kutler
Interim Head of School