Tuition and Fees 2024-2025

Tuition- $31,900
Parent Org Dues (per family) - $275
Student Material Fee (per student) - $250
Health and Wellness Fee - $250
New Student Fee - $1,500

A non-refundable deposit of $2,750 is due at the time the student enrollment contract is signed. This acts as a first payment and the remaining balance can be paid in up to 10 monthly installments. 
Please note all of our families are members of Valley Beth Shalom synagogue. For more information about synagogue dues, please contact Maya Aharon, VBS Director of Membership Engagement, at (818) 530-4008.
For questions about tuition, tuition assistance or payment plan options, please contact Orit Rappaport, VBS Schools Business Manager, at (818) 530-4042. 

Need Based Tuition Assistance

Valley Beth Shalom Harold M. Schulweis Day School is committed to providing quality Jewish education.  In some cases this requires tuition assistance for families in need. The VBS Day School Tuition Assistance Committee has developed the process outlined below. Every attempt is made to meet the financial needs from year to year.  Funds available for assistance are limited and we request that all information be as complete and as accurate as possible. Please note that all tuition assistance awards are for one year only and a new application must be completed each school year. 
In order to process the applications that we receive in a fair and equitable manner VBS Day School uses the FACTS Grant & Aid Online Application system. The FACTS system is designed to provide the VBS Day School Tuition Assistance Committee with an analysis that allows us to establish financial need accurately.  Please know that all information submitted throughout the process is kept strictly confidential.  

Tuition Assistance Process

Here are the steps to complete the Tuition Assistance process:
Apply online through FACTS at There is a $35 fee per family to apply online. FACTS applications for 2024-2025 must be submitted by January 16, 2024 for current families and January 31, 2024 for new families.
STEP 2:  
The tuition assistance award will be final once you have completed the enrollment process by returning your contract, deposit and payment plan for next year. Enrollment in VBS Day School also requires membership with Valley Beth Shalom. Those who receive tuition assistance will also be granted reduced dues on their membership.
The Tuition Assistance Committee and the Temple Special Dues Committee make great efforts to distribute our limited funds in the fairest manner possible. You only need to complete the materials requested here to be considered for assistance for both tuition and Temple membership. The following general guidelines are provided to help you understand some of the factors considered in the application:
  • There is no set income or asset level that determines whether an applicant qualifies for aid.
  • We expect that if a family is applying for aid at VBS Day School and they have children in other tuition-charging schools and/or colleges, they will also apply for aid from those schools. 
  • In cases of separated or divorced parents, we need the same documentation from both parents, regardless of court ordered custody or support. VBS Day School cannot be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for educational expenses. Both households are required to submit their information on the application, and the Committee will determine financial need based on both household's financial circumstances.
  • All of our financial aid recipients are granted partial awards; the school expects that families will fulfill their remaining financial obligation in accordance with our regular payment schedules.
Please Orit Rappaport, Director of Business Operations at or 818.530.4042 if you have any questions.

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Tuition Assistance FAQs

Click here to read our tuition assistance FAQs. 

A Special Thanks

Valley Beth Shalom Day School wishes to thank the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles for their generous support.

The Jewish Federation has partnered with Jewish day schools for over 30 years to provide financial aid support to offset the cost of Jewish day school. For the 2023-2024 school year, the Federation remains committed to opening new doors to Jewish Day School education and helping returning students with special circumstances and financial need remain in these communities. Applicants have the opportunity to opt in to be considered for Jewish Federation tuition assistance in addition to what may be provided by VBS Day School.