The Arts

Developing Individual Creativity and Expression

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  • Fine Arts

    The fine arts curriculum promotes knowledge, creativity and self-expression led by our art specialist. Students learn and develop skills, techniques, and elements of art as they become inspired by the works of famous artists. Art is part of our integrated general and Judaic studies curricula and provides an avenue for artistic self-expression and style, and allows the students to make a connection to learning on a deeper level. Students have the opportunity to work with clay fired in our own kiln, utilize technology to enhance the overall art experience, and use varied media and methodologies to create and stimulate our budding artists.  This rich program culminates with an annual springtime Art Fair.
  • Performing Arts

    Students participate in school-wide and grade level performances comprised of song, dance and drama. These experiences build self-esteem and self-confidence and help give students the opportunity for self-expression and to make additional connections to curricular concepts. Broadway classics, Civil Rights, and California history are a few of the themes upon which performances are based and historical eras come alive through students’ experiences. The Performing Arts team provides instruction that allows for creativity and individual differences. Dance instruction, beginning in kindergarten, enables students to develop movement skills and a repertoire of dances, including Israeli Folk dances, as well as a variety of other cultural dances. Drama instruction takes place during school in preparation for upcoming performances, as well as during discreet afterschool club opportunities.
  • Music Appreciation

    Music appreciation introduces students to Orff percussion instruments for grades K-2. Grade 3 students are introduced to keyboarding skills through the Garage Band app. Playing a wide range of instruments, learning musical notes, rhythms, songs and music history provides for an engaging experience led by our music specialist in our dedicated Music Room. Students develop listening skills and learn about pitch, tone and melody. Different genres of music are studied throughout the grade levels. 
  • Judaic Music

    Students learn Judaic music and develop a broad repertoire of songs that are the soul of Jewish culture and celebration. The Judaic music curriculum also includes modern Hebrew Israeli songs further embracing Hebrew as a living language.
  • Orchestra

    Students in Grades 4-6 participate in a weekly orchestra program led by Key to Joy Music. By participating in an orchestra program, students develop skills such as note reading, ability to play an instrument at a beginning level, self-discipline, concentration, teamwork, and responsibility. It is also a means of self-expression and communication. The orchestra program integrates into our music curricula and rounds out our students’ experience. Students choose one of four instruments: flute, trumpet, clarinet or violin, in the first semester of their 4th grade year, and then concentrate on that instrument through the remainder of their 4th grade year through graduation in 6th grade.  The year is culminated with a spring orchestra performance.