Parent Organization

Parents Are Partners

Dear Fellow VBS Day School Parents,
We are so excited for school to begin in the Fall! It will most certainly be different in a lot of ways, but what remains the same is the love and dedication our teachers and staff have for us and for our children. We are incredibly lucky to have this community, and these difficult times only help to remind us just how fortunate we are to have a place like home at VBS. We are excited for classes to start and our incoming families will begin to see all that our wonderful day school has to offer. While this coming year will continue to be unlike any we’ve experienced, we are thrilled to be your Parent Org Co-Presidents and help to make it a fantastic year for everyone!
In the past, Parent Org has always offered services, programs and special events for our children and families. We will continue to do just that because we understand that being a part of the VBSDS mishpacha is even more important during these trying times. Our events will look different than they have traditionally, but our focus will always be for our families to make incredible memories and to know that their community is there for them. One of our most important roles for VBSDS will continue to be fund raising for our extensive programs – virtually and otherwise!
As you might imagine, volunteers are tremendously important to keep our school running smoothly.
We started volunteering because we wanted to reflect the value of taking care of our community for our kids to see. Our kids learn to be mensches at school. How great is it that we can all model that for them by actively contributing to our Valley Beth Shalom community.
More than ever, we need you to join us! We need your innovation and creative ideas as we embark on this journey together. There are numerous opportunities for every parent to participate, whether you have very limited time, or your availability is more flexible. We promise that while we work hard to make every event successful, we have a ton of fun along the way too!

Robin Melameth and Erica Sfadia 
Parent Org Co-Presidents

Executive Committee

Robin Melameth - Co-President
Erica Sfadia, Co-President
Naomi Strongin, Head Room Parent
Nikki Eigler - Community Events Co-Chairs
Amanda Waterman and Shoshana Kapnek - Community Building Co-Chairs
Elana Vorspan - Administrative & Communications Chair