Annual Fund

    • Annual Fund

      Celebrating 40 Years!

      Annual Fund

As we celebrate forty years of VBS Day School, our Jewish values root us, our academic program rises and campus grows.  Each school generation, including leaders, educators, and parents, just like us, transform our school into a cutting edge facility with Jewish education at the center.  The legacy is ours to inherit, cherish and nurture, and it will continue because of people, just like us.

Thank you for your support!
Visionary $25,000+ 
Partner $15,000-24,999 
Trail Blazer $10,000-14,999 
Pioneer $5,000-9,999 
Head of School Circle $3,600-4,999 
Innovator $2,500-3,599 
Lion's Club $1,800-2,499 
Blue & White $1,200-1,799*
Patron $500-1,199
Friends up to $499